Environmentally balanced furniture


Environmentally balanced furniture

Designed in LA, made for the world.


DESIGN in RHYTHM (DiR) is a small Los Angeles based furniture company with a big vision. We believe that commercial-grade furniture should be beautiful and sustainable, which is why we create pieces that are both. Designed in LA and made for the world, we work closely with our partners around the world to manufacture our furniture using the most environmentally balanced methods possible.

We're passionate about what we do - and we believe you can make a difference on this planet by doing something you love. DiR’s team works hard every day to share our passion for design through designing pieces of furniture that are both functional and stylish; while striving to use the best materials sustainably sourced out there (even if it costs more).

Founded by Jon Wheat in 2017, Jon had a single goal in mind: to create beautiful, sustainable furniture that would last for generations. Drawing on his years of experience as a designer, Jon set out to create furniture that was both stylish and environmentally responsible.

From the outset, DESIGN in RHYTHM has been committed to using the most sustainable materials possible. Whether it's reclaimed wood or low-impact paints and finishes, DiR is always looking for ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

But sustainability isn't just about materials. It's also about craftsmanship. That's why all of DESIGN in RHYTHM's furniture is made by experienced artisans who combine the highest standards of workmanship, ever changing technologies and an unwavering commitment to sustainability to craft every piece of furniture we make.

Don't see a collection or product you love? Have a specific style in mind? We can work with you to develop 100% custom furniture designs. Contact us to learn more.